Dog Grooming

Cute cavapoo puppy wearing a collar and tie

We offer a full range of grooming services for dogs up to Springer Spaniel size.  Please call us to discuss your dog's individual needs. Tel: 07961650462

Clipping and Trimming

All grooms include the following if appropriate for your dog:

  • brushing (extra charges apply for de-matting),
  • de-shedding,
  • bathing with K9 Competition products matched to the needs of your dog's coat.  (K9 Competition products are considered by many breeders, show judges and top groomers to be the best available for optimum coat health and manageability),
  • hand drying
  • ear cleaning and plucking if appropriate,
  • nail trimming and filing to remove sharp edges,
  • clipping and trimming to breed standards or your own preferred style,
  • hand stripping (extra charge)
  • cologne and accessories (optional, please say if you prefer not to have these).

Head shot of a hand stripped cairn terrier

Rehabilitation Grooms For Nervous or Traumatised Dogs

Have you been told your dog is ungroomable or that your dog should be sedated at the vet to be groomed?  We specialise in rehabilitating these dogs, helping them to overcome their fear in a gentle, force free way without sedation.   Please ask for a free consultation if your dog needs help.  

Cockapoo puppy before and after grooming with ball

Puppy Grooming

The experience your puppy has the first few times he is groomed will dictate how he will respond to being groomed for the rest of his life. A bad first grooming experience can easily turn a puppy into a dog that reacts badly to grooming and will be stressed about visiting the groomer for the rest of his life.   We offer a complete training programme for puppies to set them up for a lifetime of happy grooming.  The programme consists of three appointments, four weeks apart.  To take part in our Puppy Programme your puppy must be vaccinated and be between twelve and twenty weeks at the first appointment.   Please contact us for more details.