Free Consultation
£0 / 20 m / pet
If you would like to bring your dog to meet us before booking an appointment in order to discuss your requirements and see if we are the right groomers for you please book a free consultation.
Luxury Dog Groom

The Luxury Dog Groom includes all of the following (if appropriate for your dog):   Ear cleaning (and plucking, if requested);  nail cutting and filing;  pre-bath eye protection;   luxury hydrobath with top of the range NATURAL products;  warm hand blow dry (we do not use cage dryers);  brushing;  3 - step de-shedding treatment;  trimming and clipping (hand stripping is available at a supplement);  collar and / or harness wash;  finishing coat spritz;  bow, bandana or feather extension.

Prices start at £25 and are breed specific.  Please ask for an estimate for your dog.

Hand Stripping

A hand strip groom includes everything included in the Luxury Dog Groom plus hand stripping and a soothing, medicated, luxury hydrobath with top of the range natural products after hand stripping has been completed.

Hand strip groom prices are breed specific and calculated by adding £7.50 per 15 minutes of hand stripping to the breed Full Dog Groom price.   Please ask for an estimate for your dog.

Puppy Groom
Puppy grooming is  essential.  At first not so much to maintain the coat in good condition (although that is important too) but because the experience your puppy has the first few times he is groomed will dictate how he will respond to being groomed for the rest of his life.   At The Garden Groom Room we offer a complete training programme for puppies.  Please click on the Puppy Grooming tab at the top of the page for full details.

A Puppy's First Groom lasts for one hour and costs £35.   Alternatively you can book a package of three appointments for £90, saving £15.

Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy Treatment
£5 / 10 m / pet
Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy is applied during the bath and is helping dogs and cats everywhere with issues like dandruff, hotspots, yeast, tick / flea bites, odour, itchiness, poor hair growth, yeasty skin and feet,  and overall cleanliness for skin and coat.   It deep cleanses, removes odours, can help with some skin medical problems and allergies and improve the look of your pet's coat. The results are astounding.  NAGAYU CO2 Skin Therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. It also helps with maintaining the pH levels in the blood and skin.   

If you have a pet with chronic skin conditions and nothing else has worked why not try this new economical treatment.   While many dogs benefit from just one treatment some dogs with chronic skin complaints require a course of weekly treatments until the skin has healed and then benefit from a treatment with each grooming session to maintain skin health.

*  Dogs up to Cocker Spaniel size: £5 when carried out with a full groom or £15 as a stand alone service.
*  Dogs larger than a Cocker Spaniel: £10 when carried out with a full groom or £20 as a stand alone service.
Nail Clipping and Filing
£10 / 20 m / pet
Nail clipping is included in all grooms but can be carried out separately.   After cutting your dog's nails we file them to make them round and smooth and  remove all sharp edges.