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Luxury Cat Groom
£40 / pet
Our Full Cat Groom includes claw trimming; ear and eye cleaning; removing knots (if any); brush out and comb the coat; de-shedding; luxury de-greasing, wet bath with two specialist, natural cat shampoos followed with a conditioning treatment; hand blow dry;  belly and sanitary area trimmed or shaved (if required); chest area and around the paws trimmed (if required); finishing coat polish; lion clip (for a supplement).

Prices for long haired and semi-long haired cats are: 
Small cat (under 4 kg) £45,
Medium cat (4-6 kg) £50,
Large cat (6-8 kg) £55
X large cat (Over 8 kg) £60
You can add a Lion Clip to our full cat groom for £15

Short haired cats:  £40 regardless of weight.

Please note that cats with thick, badly matted coats, old or aggressive cats may be charged extra.  The prices above are only a guideline; we consider every case separately. When pricing your cat's groom we take the following factors into consideration because they determine the level of work involved: size of the cat,  condition of the coat, thickness of the coat, cat’s behaviour, length of time since last professional groom .
Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy Treatment for Cats
£5 / 10 m / pet
Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy is applied during the bath and is helping cats everywhere with issues like dandruff, hotspots, yeast, tick / flea bites, odour, itchiness, poor hair growth, yeasty skin and feet,  and overall cleanliness for skin and coat.   It deep cleanses, removes odours, can help with some skin medical problems and allergies and improve the look of your ct's coat. The results are astounding.  NAGAYU CO2 Skin Therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. It also helps with maintaining the pH levels in the blood and skin.   

If you have a cat with chronic skin conditions or excessive dandruff and nothing else has worked why not try this new economical treatment.   While many cats benefit enormously from just one treatment some cats with chronic skin complaints may require a course of weekly treatments until the skin has healed and then benefit from a treatment with each grooming session to maintain skin health.

Only available when carried out with a full cat groom:  £5