Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Free Consultation
£0 / 20 m / pet
If you would like to find out if your dog is a suitable candidate for ultrasound teeth cleaning and how many sessions might be required please book a free consultation.
Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Initial Session
£37 / 50 m / pet
Single, one-off, initial sessions are 50 minutes long and cost £37.  The price includes a toothbrush head for your dog's exclusive use.

These sessions are most suitable for:
*  Dogs with mild build up of plaque and tartar.
*  Dogs whose teeth have previously been cleaned by the vet under anaesthetic and are just starting to get rebuild up of tartar. 
*  Young dogs and puppies with clean teeth as a preventative measure to maintain good oral hygiene and help avoid the need for future teeth cleaning by a vet under anaesthetic. 

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Follow on session
£15 / pet
For dogs that need more than an one session to get their teeth clean but whose owners do not want to purchase a course of treatment.   Each follow on session lasts 30 minutes and costs £15.  We recommend these sessions are carried out on a weekly basis until your dog's teeth are clean.
Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Maintenance Session
£10 / pet
We recommend monthly follow up / maintenance sessions to maintain good oral hygiene once your dog's teeth have been cleaned,  whether by your vet or by us using the ultrasonic toothbrush.   Maintenance sessions last 30 minutes and cost £15 when carried out on their own or £10 when carried out with a groom. 
Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Super Saver Course
Most dogs require a course of treatments to address not only the visible plaque and tartar but also to ensure that the teeth are cleaned below the gum line and so we offer a Super Saver Course, which includes:

*   an initial 50 minute session (normally £30),
*   a personal, reusable toothbrush head (normally £7),
*   four follow up sessions  (normally £15 each), 
*   100g of Tartar X  (Normally £8.99).

The package costs £96 and offers the best value for dogs having ultrasound teeth cleaning for the first time, saving over 10% on the cost of paying for each session individually.  The appointments are carried out on a weekly basis and we can offer evening and weekend appointments to fit in with your schedule.    (Some dogs may require even more sessions depending on the severity of the plaque and tartar.)
Annual Teeth Care Package
£246 / 50 m / pet
This package offers your dog the ultimate in ultrasound teeth cleaning for a whole year.  It includes everything in our Super Saver Course:  an initial 50 minute session,  a personal, reusable toothbrush head, 100g of Tartar X,  four weekly follow up sessions PLUS 10 further sessions carried out on a monthly basis.  

This package normally costs £255 but is on special offer.  There are big savings for annual packages that start in February 2019.  For the first dog in the household the package is reduce by 10% (£230)  and for the second and subsequent dogs save 20%  (£205).