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Terms and Conditions 2020 (Covid 19 Version)


· We regret that during the pandemic owners will not be able to enter the Groom Room. We have put in place procedures to facilitate the safe and secure drop off and collection of pets whilst still maintaining social distancing.

· Please put human health before the need to have your pet groomed and notify us before coming for your appointment if you believe you have been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19.

· When dropping your pet off please inform us if someone else will be collecting them. We will only release pets to the person who dropped them off unless we have been informed at drop off that someone else will be collecting them. 



· Price estimates given over the phone, email or text are an average for the breed and service requested. Actual prices may vary if the pet differs significantly in size, weight or coat type to the breed norm, is challenging to groom, has special needs or is matted. 

During the pandemic we will not be accepting cash or cheque payments. Payments can be made through SumUp, a secure provider that is extremely easy to use and does not require you to download anything to your phone.   We  will send you a text that contains a link which you can click on to pay by debit or credit card.  Returning customers will receive this text after dropping their pet off and are required to pay via SumUp before collecting their pet please. 

· New customers are required to agree to our terms and conditions and pay the basic groom estimate within 24 hours of booking to confirm their appointment. You will be sent a text / email with links to pay for your appointment and sign our terms and conditions. If payment and signed terms and conditions are not received within 24 hours the appointment will be cancelled. The prepayment is fully refundable if more than two working days’ notice is given of cancellation or rescheduling.  If less than two working days’ notice of cancellation or rescheduling is given the payment will be forfeited. If, during the groom, further fees have been incurred (for example, matted coat fees) we will notify you during the groom and payment can be made as above. 


· When booking an appointment you are reserving our time to work exclusively with your pet. Because of the extra procedures and hygiene measures required we cannot groom the same number of pets in a day that we could before the pandemic started. Therefore our appointments are in short supply and we will require you to pay for our time if you do not give appropriate notice. Please give us at least two working days notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you give less than two working days notice the following charges will apply: 

o Less than two working day's notice: First time customers will forfeit their pre-payment, returning customers 50% of usual groom fee.

o Returning customers who cancel on the day: 80 percent or usual groom fee. Returning customer who give no notice or simply fail to attend: Full groom fee. 

o Failure to attend with no notice for a teeth cleaning appointment which is part of a pre-paid course of treatment will result in the loss of that session. 

o Cancellation fees must be paid before further appointments can be booked.


Welfare Policy: 

· At The Garden Groom Room your pet’s welfare is our number one priority. We strive for ethical, force-free handling at all times. 

· In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 we CAN NOT perform services that are considered inhumane. De-matting (brushing out of severe mats) will not be carried out at The Garden Groom Room if we judge the amount of de-matting needed is inhumane or if your individual pet is in any way distressed by the process. Instead we will clip your pet’s coat off and work with you to help prevent severe matting occurring again. 


Medical Policy

· While we will alert you to anything unusual we cannot diagnose or treat conditions that must be seen by a vet. 

· We can no longer carry out anal gland expressing because it is now considered to be a medical procedure and therefore it must be carried out by a vet. 

· The Garden Groom Room will not be held responsible for complications due to pre-existing medical conditions that may become inflamed during the grooming process including, but not limited to, ear/eye infections, skin conditions and clipper rash as a result of having to clip underneath severe matting.

· Any concerns about your pet’s welfare following a groom MUST be brought to our attention within 24 hours. There are so many other things in a pet’s lifestyle that can cause itching, scrapes, rashes and injuries that after 24 these things cannot be attributed with certainty to grooming. 


Style Selection: 

· The health and condition of a pet’s coat and skin are the responsibility of the owner. 

· We are happy to advise you on manageable styles for your pet's coat, your lifestyle and your budget. 

· The person bringing in the pet and speaking to us selects the type of groom that will be carried out after a full consultation. In the event of a complaint the person who brought the dog in must deal with the complaint. 

(The Garden Groom Room reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of service without prior notice.)